Solutions For Organic Life

Linking Bridge between Producers and Consumers with Nature Farming Philosophy!

Organic Consultation makes a difference in your life.

The organic Instructors certified by INFRC (International Nature Farming Research Center) will guide you in how to establish genuine Organic Life for both producers and consumers with innovative technologies and advanced knowledge. From small planters to several acres, the gardening/ farming instructions with EM technologies are flexible and applicable to various conditions and environments depending on your needs.

Management of farm, marketing strategies & researches, new product developments are also provided to expand your professional agricultural business. 

Specific and general information about organic products such as "What are Organic foods?" or "What's the difference?" can be instructed through seminars for consumers like you, who are more aware of product safety and quality and are strongly interested in local brand products.  

Motivational Workshops, Personal Coaching, and Agency services are also available not only for organic farmers, farm owners, distributors/ merchandisers, but also for general small business owners and managers of corporations in the service industry.  

Translation/Interpreting services are also given for you, if you'd like to expand your business to Japanese markets both in the US and Japan.  The services include translation from Japanese to English (also ENG. to JPN), specializing in agricultural and philosophical fields, re-writing website for a particular market such as Japan, translating and editing brochures, etc.  YouTube marketing, SNS sharing marketing strategies also advised.

Japanese varieties of organically grown produce can be purchased and directly delivered to stores /restaurants in the urban areas around NYC.  Please talk to our professionals for more details.